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Shippers' Choice in the News!

See our local NBC station in Charlottesville talk about the driver shortage at our PVCC location:



Paul D. Camp CC Adds New Workforce Education Programs

Workforce development education options at Paul D. Camp Community College are expanding.

The college is offering a shortened four-week-long truck driver training program and introducing a new electrical and instrumentation program.

A new partnership with Shipper’s Choice of Virginia will place the trucking driving program at the Paul D. Camp’s Suffolk Hobbs Campus for the first time, allow for a shorter four-week program instead of the college’s typical six-week programs, as well as free lifetime assistance in job placement and lifetime refresher training.

Graduates will receive a Class A commercial driver’s license in the noncredit certification program.

Lawhorne said the shorter programs and access to job placement will help draw more people to trucking.

“We are in the center hub of warehouse distribution and there’s also a lot of manufacturing in this area.” Lawhorne said the college plans on offering Class B license training and weekend programs in the spring.

“There’s a lot of interest out there but there hasn’t been a lot of accessibility. So by increasing accessibility and the offerings of the program, we’ll definitely expect to see an increase in enrollment and, of course, employment for these students,” she said.

Ed Henk, the director of education for Shippers' Choice, said the job demand for truck drivers has only increased over the years.

“We have over 120 companies that hire our students. Some even hire them before they graduate,” he said. “Most students — if they fill out applications during the first week or the second week, they have job offers. There’s that much need in the trucking industry.”

Students who are 18 or older and live in Virginia will have access to noncredit grants which will cover two-thirds of the $4,500 tuition cost.


-Article by Briana Adhikusuma of PilotOnline.com

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