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Hands-on and Classroom Truck Driving Instruction


Safely Operating a Tractor-Trailer Students learn to identify and predict potentially dangerous driving situations. The cause and prevention of physical and mental fatigue and illness are discussed as well as the adverse affects of drugs and alcohol.

The course offers a systematic presentation of the driver’s daily logbook, logbook recap, driver maintenance checks and services, and efficient trip planning. Includes research of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to provide answers and references which prepares the student for the official Department of Transportation written examination.

Getting your State License Additionally, the student will examine, interpret, and apply the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, including Commonwealth supplementation.
Licensing/permitting procedures for interstate hauling are also included.

Preparing for the Road Test This portion of the Course provides the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for the safe operation of a Class “A” Vehicle in the real world environment. Positive, professional and safe approaches are emphasized. Training is provided on rural, interstate, and city highways.

Knowing Your Equipment This portion of the course is designed to introduce the student to the basic driving maneuvers and refine the skills required to pass the Commercial Drivers License Basic Control
Skill Test. It also includes practical

instruction in coupling and uncoupling semi- trailers, use of hazard warning devices, lighting systems, numerous backing techniques and the Commercial Drivers License pre-trip inspection procedures.

Written Examinations & Road Tests Evaluating students in this program is done on four different levels. First, the instructors give daily quizzes and tests. Second, the instructors give driving skills tests. Third, the instructors will administer both the federal written exam and the federal driving skills examination. Last, we will make arrangements for the student to be tested and licensed through the local DMV using our equipment.

We ensure that each student graduate finds—not just a job—but a company to start their career with.

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